Nabucoin is a scrypt minable crypto-currency with fast transaction processing. We have a ready to use ecosystem in cooperation with some server hosters in germany that makes use of the coin. By this server hosters you can use nabucoin as a discount for monthly bills or new products. Mine nabucoins with your dedicated server, game servers, stream servers and voice servers. How? If you do not use your server, then turn it into the mining mode. The server control panel software TekBASE have already integrated these complex functions.

There are little rules for nabucoin. To prevent inflation only a limited supply of 30 million nabucoins will ever exist and the source code is closed to make the price more stable. Nabucoins are mined by users at a set rate for decades into the future. You can get nabucoins for free by mining or trading for them on an exchange.


  • Decentralized
  • Fast and secure
  • Low transaction fee
  • User friendly
  • Easily implemented

Online Wallet

Our online wallet make your payment instant, secure and global. You don't need to install anything. In minutes, you will be ready to send and receive nabucoin with anyone, anywhere and it not incur any fees if you send nabucoin to other user in our online wallet.

  • Send and receive nabucoins in seconds
  • Add new own addresses for receiving nabucoins
  • Manage your seller/buyer address book (Q1 2016)
  • Transaction list

Block Explorer

The block explorer allows you to view information about blocks, addresses, and transactions created by nabucoin. It simplifies transactions by saving nabucoin users the hassle of running the nabucoin client to verify the exchange.

A block means a record of some or all of the most recent nabucoin transactions that have not yet been recorded in any prior blocks. New blocks are added to the end of the blockchain, and never changed or removed.

A transaction shows coins which have been sent between one of more bitcoin addresses.

Mining Pool

Our mining pool is a collection of miners working together to reduce the volatility of their returns. The Pool rewards miners according to a PPLNS system with 3% fee. We use the fee in order to keep the price stable. Therefore, you cant use nabucoin for solo mining. You must use a mining pool.

  • Dashboard with all informations
  • Mange your workers (dedicated server, ...)
  • Manual and automated payout
  • Extensive pool, account and worker statics
  • Manual and automated payout

Prepaid instead of mining

You can pay nabucoins and use it to order services. Nabucoin is your perfect payment solution for a fast, safe and secure payment. You dont must pay high transaction fees for more anonymity.

  • You can buy from friends
  • You can buy from online stores
  • You can buy on exchange
We offer companies the opportunity to use their own online wallet, blockexplorer and mining pool services. Setup and ready in a few hours. You need more informations or individual programming? Feel free and contact us.

Technical Details

  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Generation: 30 million total coins
  • Block time: 5 minutes
  • Block rewards: 50 coins per block
  • Block Count: 61662
  • Halving Rate: 300.000
  • Difficulty 0.04106568
  • Difficulty Re-Target Algorithm: Dark Gravity Wave